dinsdag 29 juni 2010

there must be something in the waterr

helloo, today was a nice day! first i had one really boring hour at school. we looked a movie, called toystory 3 or something. so bad! the second hour we're also gonna look that stupid movie.. so me and my friend's where sneaking outside & we went to the beach (which is very close to my school) we had alot of fun there! the water was nice and fresh. (: then we returned back to school to make the last test of this year! yeah, finally! and tomorrow i go shopping with a few friends in amsterdam.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. mooie kleur nagellak op je heb de eerste foto! :)
    veel plezier met winkelen morgen

  2. En dan eindelijk vakantie, hè?! Haha!
    Veel plezier met winkelen!
    Btw; I like your blog!

  3. toffe blog!!


  4. Dat shirtje heb ik ook hihi! En hoe was Amsterdam? Je blog ziet er echt leuk uit zeg :-) xxx